Dawson with a snow saucer

Where to take the family sledding or tubing around the Sound

The downside of winter is that Seattle and the suburbs are paralyzed. The upside of winter is that there are lots of opportunities to zip down a hill on a sled or a tube or a boogie board or an old cafeteria tray. Here's where to take the family for winter fun around the Sound and across the state.
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Dawson on a sled

Snow in the mountains means sledding and tubing for the family

This year I'm resolving to go into Christmas break with a can-do attitude. We grownups are off for ten days; our son's out of school for two weeks. That's either a recipe for madness, or for family fun. We're going to try for fun and, if the clouds cooperate, we're going to see if our seven-year-...
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